About Us

Hong Kong Garden Seafood & B.B. Café is located near 168 supermarket , and the main chef is Master Xin who has over 20 years of cooking experience. Specialty in north and south cooking, even the pickiest guests give two thumbs up. Chaozhou seafood, sea cucumbers and lobsters are really fresh and delicious, and make you fully satisfied; Babao Grilled duck, Sichuan spicy dishes, mini hot pot, dessert and drinks are so tasty and the price is affordable. Its characteristic taste with the new decoration and comfortable dining environment, Hong Kong Garden Seafood & B.B. Café soon becomes popular among local Chinese restaurants. Whole roast pigs, fresh seafood and marinated cold dishes really impress many customers. Customers could enjoy singing in the KTV VIP room after dinning.

新光海鮮酒家(Hong Kong Garden Seafood & B.B. Cafe)位在168超市旁,由受過二十餘年全方位考驗的阿新師傅主理,南北大宴小酌無所不包,讓挑嘴的老饕都讚不絕口,潮州海鮮、刺參、龍蝦、象拔蚌、生鮮美味,讓您稱心如意;八寶扒鴨、四川麻辣小菜、迷你火鍋,甜點飲品,別具風味,並且經濟又實惠。以其特色口味,配合全新裝璜舒適用餐環境,很快就在本地中餐館,打響了名號。許多饕客對於新光海鮮酒家精心調理製作的全豬燒臘、游水海鮮、滷味涼菜均贊不絕口。並且設有KTV貴賓包廂,客人在飽餐之後,可以盡情歡唱。